The Global Association of Applied Neuro Synergy

Ensuring that when it comes to performance one plus one equal 3 or more. Gaans is the result of more than 20 business owners passionate about actualising vibrancy in our communities, coming together to package strategies to ensure everyone gets the results they want and deserve

The combined performance of people, knowledge and fields to create well rounded best practices and viable solutions for all. Business and area experts come together to provide learning and development solutions that work

We are better together than we are apart. While we refer to people in this statement, this is also true for knowledge in GAANS. We engage people and knowledge to further investigate and find answers to close the knowing doing GAP.

Love at first sight. We are committed to producing resource materials that are both cognitively and visually attractive. Our gaans trainers and coaches are confident that what they put in front of their clients is leading edge at every level.

Our support systems for Gaans licenced trainers and coaches are second to none. Along with current market research, our quality assurance systems ensure the highest level of performance and results.

Gaans exists today as a result of the desire to close gaps in the Training and Coaching market, and a firm belief that all ideas are great ideas. We firmly believe that the latent solutions to great problems are held in the creative genius of all as opposed to one. We celebrate that initially all ideas are raw, and that as we bring ideas about ideas together with the attitude of “ how do we make this work” for the benefit of all, we birth rich quality solutions.

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Freedom to Choose and Grow


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Tessie Lim    Malaysia   

The habitat at GAANS is designed to encourage creativity and innovation ~ breakthroughs in our field. Being a part of GAANS and to participate in this process of co-creation is exciting. I expect an explosion of potential in everyone involved.

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Lena Gray    New Zealand   

Gaans epitomises everything that is good. It rests its lorals on the principle that 'Its not my way, or your way, its our way.' I really love that it welcomes and celebrates the creative genius. In Gaans every idea is a great idea and an opportunity to discover how to make it work.

I am excited about the future of GAANS because I'm going to witness people from all corners of the world bringing their free thinking to Gaans and partnering others for an enhanced combined effect . The possibilities are endless


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Bob Bodenhamer    USA   

You will not find a more focused, committed, experienced and aligned group of Training and Coaching Professionals than what you will discover in the GAANS organization. I could not more highly recommend any group of professionals than my recommendation for those with GAANS.

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Martine Kappel    Kenya, Denmark   

I work with coaches and trainers around the world, and through GAANS I am connected to professionals who share my values of collaboration, creation, integrity, and constant development. Together we create synergy to take our clients even further.


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Wayne Buckhanan    USA   

I joined GAANS to expand the collaborations and reach possible for the “human technologies” we are using, developing, and training. It represents another way to keep my skills on the leading edge and enhance what I have learned and built upon from my other associations. The collected knowledge, experience, and resources of GAANS is poised to improve the lives of millions across the globe.

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Mike Schwarzer    Australia   

I’ve joined GAANS as it promises to be a truly collaborative learning community underpinned by the principles of self-actualisation with the vision to serve humanity. A global association of transformation professionals that encourages and supports with care, integrity and professional rigor new advancements in developing human potential. A community that understands the need for collective leadership, thinking and conversation. Where every member has a voice and scope to challenge the status quo and to contribute to developing approaches and programs that enrich the wellbeing and prosperity of individuals and the communities they live in!



“You do know that you have everything you need to become whom you wish to be. But, are you accessing all those internal strengths that you know you have? You’re not? Then a GAANS training is for you.”    

- Bob Bodenhamer


LENA GRAY Founder and Developer / Master Trainer/Executive Coach
With an innate zest for life and driven by my desire to see you and our communities flourish GAANS was born.
To actualise my vision, I develope, design and provide high quality Applied Neuro Synergy training programs, and executive coaching to leaders and their teams in multiple organisations around globe.

- Master Trainer Applied Neuro Synergy
- Licenced Coach Trainer (ANSPC)
- Neuro Leadership - The Neuro Science of Leadership
- Diploma Psychology
- Master Trainer Neuro-Semantics
- Meta-Coach Trainer Neuro-Semantics
-Licenced International Instructor Krav, Close Quarter Combat

-Developer of the T.A.P Think Leadership Training and Coaching Program
-Developer of the Quality Performance Metrix tool for Coaches - QPM
-Lead Trainer and Coach at
-Creative Director of Mindsuite Training and Coaching
-Executive Coach
-Leadership Trainer and Coach
-Corporate Consultant

Affiliate Member of the Institute of Neuro-Leadership Int.

BOB BODENHAMERAcademic Advisor
At GAANS you learn ‘how’ to access your highest mental resources and to align them with yourself and your behavior
Dr. Bodenhamer’s under-graduate degree (BA) is from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC (1972). His major at Appalachian State University was Philosophy and Religion with a minor in Psychology. He received the Master of Divinity (1976) and the Doctor of Ministry Degree (1978) from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. The Master of Divinity Degree included training in Pastoral Care with both classroom and clinical work. Dr. Bodenhamer received one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education from Wake Medical Center in Raleigh, N. C. while working on his doctorate. His marriage to Linda now spans 51 glorious years.
His NLP Practitioner's Certification comes from L.E.A.D.'s Consultants in Reynoldsburg, OH, Dr. Gene Rooney, Trainer. Dr. Bodenhamer's NLP Master Certification and Master Time Line TherapyTM Practitioner Certification came from Tad James, Ph.D. of Advanced Neuro-Dynamics of Honolulu, HI. Additional training has been received from NLP conferences. He is a certified Hypnotherapist from the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Dr. Bodenhamer has approximately 1500 hours of formal NLP training. He taught NLP for 10 years in the Corporate/Community Education program at Gaston College. Dr. Bodenhamer received his certification as a Trainer of NLP from Tad James, Ph.D., Advance Neuro Dynamics, Honolulu, Hawaii and Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D. of Advanced Behavioral Modeling, Inc., Arlington, VA.
Bob worked as an International Master NLP Trainer, he offered both certified training for Practitioners and Master Practitioners of NLP. He has a private part-time NLP Therapy practice. Dr. Bodenhamer has served four Southern Baptist churches plus a mission church as pastor. His time in the pastorate spans 44 years. All his pastorates have been in North Carolina Dr. Dr. Bodenhamer has retired from serving as a pastor of the mission church. In addition he has retired from his NLP work with the exception of doing some part time therapy. He is not accepting new clients. After 25 years of doing NLP therapy, Bob has built up a large number of people whom he has helped. He does his best to work with any former client with whom he has worked with. In addition, Bob is serving as the volunteer Counselor/Therapist at the rather large church where he and his wife now go, Anthony Grove Baptist Church.
He has co-authored 10 books and is the sole author of his 11th book I have a voice: How to stop stuttering. His books are listed below:
1. Figuring Out People: Design Engineering With Meta-Programs
2. Time Lining: Advance Time-Line Principles
3. Patterns For Renewing The Mind: Christian Communicating & Counseling Using NLP
4. Mind-Lines: Conversational Reframing
5. The Structure of Excellence: Unmasking The Meta-Levels of "Submodalities
6. The User's Manual for the Brain: The Complete Manual for Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification, Volume I
7. The User's Manual for the Brain: The Complete Manual for Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification, Volume II
8. The Structure of Personality: Modeling "Personality" Using NLP and Neuro-Semantics with Richard Bolstad and Margot Hamblett
9. Frame Games for Mastering Fear
10. He co-authored the book Hypnotic Language Its Structure and Use with John Burton, Ed.D.


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