Applied Neuro Synergy is a framework for understanding the world – the interconnectedness of how people make and apply meaning to inform what they do, and how they do it.

Using this broad theory, the Neuro Synergy community has developed training, coaching and support to help people develop greater competence, self-confidence and resourcefulness, live more mindfully and intentionally, and build success in their professional and personal lives.

At GAANS, we apply the principles of Applied Neuro Synergy to everything we do. We believe that a greater understanding of the Neuro Synergies of the mind lets people unleash their full potential.

Through Neuro Synergy and its unique understanding of human potential, you are provided with formulas and strategies for navigating the human brain so that you can tap into your most powerful resources for creating personal success and producing results – your mind. You will learn how to access your minds powerful resources so that you can create success in whatever area of your life you wish.

Neuro Synergy involves that art of constant and precision awareness of key parts or frames of mind and the art of making adjustments to ensure a desired aggregate result or whole. Typically, we speak loosely in terms of a “Whole” or aggregate result, often referring to such things as goals, and we think broadly about the steps required to achieve those goals. Consequently, we are naturally seduced into eliminating the finer observations of the elements that make up that whole result and find ourselves short of the mark.


Neuro Synergy is the study of how to assess and work with the interrelated elements or parts that are concerned with human performance. The field focus is on synergising and applying all Neuro based knowledge to form a set, or sets of systemic rules that clarifies any system, be it human or otherwise and its interrelated parts to produce optimal results.


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