GAANS can not ignore the amazing advancements technology has bought to the
learning and development space. It’s been 10 years since Steve Jobs introduced the
1st integrated smart phone and we have all experienced the spread of social media
in its many forms. To ignore the benefits, accelerated advancement of technology for
educators and coaches, would be a major mistake.

For GAANS to provide resources to it’s members, it recognises that it must embrace
technology. It offers many variations that facilitate an environment, where it’s
members are able to maximise their results. Technology offers the ability of effective
delivery for the models they train and for coaches to learn and their clients to take
advantage of.

This is a project that GAANS has in it’s sights to achieve within it’s first 12-18 months
of operation. It will be driven through consultation an collaboration to provide a truly
worthwhile tool in support of its’ members.