Applied Neuro Synergy Professional Licence Training Overviews

ANS Coaching 103 – Applied Neuro Synergy Professional Coach Licence (ANSPC)

This 7 Day Professional Coach Licence Training presents a further 7 advanced coaching models to bring you to the standard proficiency. You will be coaching in real time for, and will discover the power of the performance metric system that will guide your continuous improvement

ANS Master Coach 104

Launching 15th March 2017 – Watch this Space

ANS Coach Trainers Training 105

Launching 15th March 2017 – Watch this Space

ANS Trainers Training 205 – Applied Neuro Synergy Trainer Licence (ANST)

This residential 12 Day Trainer Licence Training presents the advanced training delivery techniques to bring you to a high standard of proficiency when presenting GAANS trainings.

ANS Master Trainer Training 206 – Applied Neuro Synergy Master Trainer Licence (ANSMT)

This 6 Day Professional Master Trainer Training specific emphasis is in the elevation of your skills from trainers training to Master Trainer level.

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