GAANS Position Statement

GAANS is an international collective group of business people who operate within the learning and development profession. We have more than 300 collective years of experience in the delivery of NLP and Neuro-Semantics certification training and the delivery of corporate training and coaching to executives internationally.

We are highly integrous group of business professionals and we maintain high ethical standards in all our business dealings. It has been brought to our attention that 2 of our GAANS Developers has been unjustifiably listed on the International Society of Neuro Semantics Fraud list which we want to address briefly here. This fraud listing is exclusively moderated and initiated by the International Society of Neuro Semantics Executive Director, Michael Hall.

The fallacious listing of 2 of our Developers, (the late) Colin Cox and Lena Gray of New Zealand can be found here:

Fraud listing

Response to the ISNS Fraud Listing

At no time in all of our dealings with Colin and Lena have they ever displayed any of the behaviours listed on the ISNS Fraud page. We have each known Colin and Lena for as many as 10 years and not once, during that period, have they ever displayed the behaviours listed there.

What is of a major concern to us at GAANS is the false statement on that page which reads:

“…… for unlawful use of the brand of  “Neuro-Semantics”

 There is NO lawful trademark of Neuro-Semantics legally registered in the United States. The name was once registered with the US Patents and Trademarks Office and ceased exisiting and was deregistered on September 17th 2005. The Meta States trademark was also deregistered on July 30th 2005.

A search for Neuro Semantics can be registered here:  Neuro Semantics

The fallacious claim that Colin and Lena have unlawfully used the brand of Neuro-Semantics is completely false and misleading. Stating that Neuro Semantics is a lawful brand simply is not true and can be verified at the USPTO website.

No where have Colin or Lena claimed to be associated with the ISNS since they resigned from the ISNS in 2016. GAANS has no association with the ISNS or Meta-Coaching. GAANS does not use the logo of the ISNS in any of it’s training programs or promotions.

To state that Colin and Lena are unlawfully using the ISNS brand when it is not legally registered is completely untrue, as are the all the other statements made about them on the ISNS Fraud list.

Their listing on the ISNS self made fraud page which has absolutely NO judicial bearing or process. When the ISNS Fraud list is seriously critiqued from a legal perspective, the page proves to be more a personal attack on Colin and Lena and has no credible substance or legal weighting, whatsoever.

Should anyone want more background on this GAANS position statement, please contact any of our GAANS Developers.