Applied Neuro Synergy Professional Coach Program Overview

The following trainings are prerequisite trainings required to attend our ANS flagship or ANS Licence Trainings of 103 – ANS Professional Coach Licence followed by 104 – ANS Coach Trainer Licence

ANS Coaching 101- Inside-Out Leadership Coach (ILC) 

This 3 day training presents the learner with10 thinking formulas and the psychology involved in each. It uncovers the mystery inside the facets of self and reveals how to communicate with self and others to achieve synergised performance. As a coach, or advanced communicator this knowledge is essential when facilitating both effective, and lasting transformational change.

ANS Coaching 102 – Applied Coaching Fundamentals (ACF)

This 3 day training presents you with the necessary tools to facilitate others, and the methodology by which to achieve quality coaching results consistently.

ANS Practitioner 203 – Applied Neuro Synergy Practitioner (ANSP)

This 7 Day Practitioner training you will learn the Applied Neuro Synergy Practitioner model and will equip you with the very best models from NLP, Neuro-Semantics and Behavioural Science and many others. We have carefully chosen only the best models available and we have further refined them to enable you to successfully facilitate change within yourself or others.

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