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The aim is to realise our highest intentions and actualise our best performances
In Malaysia, Tessie Lim is known for her work as a newspaper columnist and radio presenter
on the topic of developing personal and professional excellence. Involved in starting up a private university,
and with 25 years’ background in education innovation and corporate development,
now Tessie specialises in executive coaching and corporate consulting.

Her company World Centre of Personal Excellence [WPX] is about strategic talent management,leading change, developing personal and professional gravitas.
-WPX provides consulting, coaching, mentoring and training services.
-WPX provides curriculum design and project management services.
-WPX is also in the business of producing content ~ empowering, inspirational content that enables its audience with “how to” tools and sustainable practices. Podcasts, videos, teleconferencing, online forums, workbooks, workshops and keynotes, support our learning community.

The aim is to design structure so we all realise our highest intentions and actualise our best performances.

HE has a strong foundation in ancient Māori knowledge, academic qualifications and more so his life…
Don has a strong foundation in ancient Māori knowledge. His academic qualifications and more so his life experiences and NLP/Neuro Semantic training with Colin Cox and Lena Gray enable him to help individuals and organizations develop using both Western and Te Ao Māori concepts and techniques.

• Diploma in Tertiary Teaching
• Masters Degree in Mātauranga Māori
• Master Practitioners Certificate NLP/Neiro Semantics

• Project Manager of the Ngāti Kahungunu Reo (tribal Māori Language) Strategy
• Pou Tikanga for Te Oranga Hinengaro o Te Matau a Maui implementing cultural interventions for mental health clients
• Cultural supervisor in both the public and private sector
• Design, write and train staff to deliver Mauri Tū Pae, a new Māori therapeutic program being delivered in six prisons.
• Designer and Writer of the framework Te Ihu Waka for the 42 Department of Corrections Tikanga Māori programs throughout New Zealand.
• Māori Ambassador/Guest Lecturer on Princess Cruises sharing indigenous knowledge and providing cultural experiences for passengers.
• Facilitate Te Ao Māori workshops at his Million Dollar View venue.

My passion has been supporting people to take their lives to another level – no matter how successful they are…
For over 20 years my passion has been supporting people to take their lives to another level – no matter how successful they already are – in the areas that matter most: business and personal. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to share this passion with my daughter and we often work together to facilitate change in various areas and environments.
– Executive Meta Coach
– Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC)
– Certified Practitioner of NS & NLP
– Certified Iwam practitioner (IWAM)
– Diploma O.A.Dip (Child psychology)
– SDC – Scrum Deveolper Certification (Scrum / Agile Project management)
– SMC – Scrum Master Certification (Scrum / Agile Project management)
– SPOC – Scrum Product Owner Certifiication (Scrum / Agile Project management)
– SCT – Scrumstudy Certified Trainer (Scrum / Agile Project Methodology)
– SAMC – Scrumstudy Agile Master Certified (Scrum / Agile Project Methodology)
– Executive Coach in Various corporates
– Group Coach and Facilitator for Personal empowerment programmes
– Group Coach and Facilitator for Positive Power and Influence programmes
– Trusted advisor for key clients
– Co Facilitator for ‘Mother-Daughter’ Retreat
– Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
– Member of the Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA)
– Founder and Owner – Vyanzo Development
TIAGO BORGES Trainer/Coach (BRA)
He is an International Expert Trainer and Researcher in Softskills developing with measurement and…..
Tiago is developing with measurement and results orientation competencies such as accelerated learning and knowledge integration, self-leadership and emotional intelligence, communication and team leadership, and personal and team productivity.
Instrutional Designer and Corporative Education CoordInator during 10 years so far,
International Trainer in NLP, Neuro-Semantics & Applied Neuro-Synergy, and Neuro-Systemic Coach, Meta-Coach and Applyed Neuro-Synergic Coach.
Tiago has co-created in Brazil’s Public Administration the Public Manager Programme, witch capacitates nowadays thousands of Public Service Managers in Brazil and Latin America. He has been contributing to capacitate teachers and students in Public and Private Schools, Technical Schools and Universities, and has social works with teenagers in social risk situations.
Tiago A. Borges is the creator of MIDAS – Integrated Method for Development of Super Auto Learning and MESP – The Effective Super Productivity Method, and is pointed by international
His passion is in developing people to their highest potential and contribute to the better place for people in this world
MOHD FAUZI NORDIN started his career in Government of Malaysia before joining private sectors in Malaysia as a Senior Human Resources Practitioner. After nearly 15 years in both strategic and operational levels of managing human resources, he decided to be in his own in learning, consultancy and coaching business. Now, he has been 17 years in this industries both in local and international level.
As a Certified Trainer and Certified Coach, his passion is in developing people to their highest potential and contribute to the better place for people to stay in this world. Lifelong learning and continues improvement are become his priority in all aspects of his life.
Mohd Fauzi Nordin is a Certified Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer (ISNS,USA) & (NFNLP, USA), Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC, ISNS – USA), Certified Performance Coach (OUM/International Coach Federation) and a Certified Trainer by Malaysian Human Resources Development Council (HRDC / HRDF)
He stays in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and he is one of the well-known trainer in the area of Human Resources Management and People Development.
Fascinated by people’s differences, curious and with great passion for communication and relationship.
Experience from various leadership roles in business through 20 years and from health and social care in 10 years-and have from 2012 conducted international certification in coaching, profile mapping and HR and management tools.
Formed Presenza in 2013 – We raise awareness by managers and employees for their natural talents so they can further develop their strengths, creating enthusiasm and joy of success in their own business. We work worldwide, on our travels and network with others who share our vision.


Certified in NLP, Neurosemantic and Excecutive Coaching from Coach Team AS House of Leadership
Certified 4MAT MTD – (Master Trainer Design) – A process tools for management and HR to understand the different units and create a clear communication
Certified LAB-profile Practitioner – Language and behavioral targeting
Certified Mindfulness (MBSR) instructor at the Scandinavian Centre for Awareness Training with Andries Kroese. Practicing Mindfulness, Yoga and meditation for the past nine years

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NELSON NEGITrainer/Coach (IND)
Nelson Negi is passionate about seeing people experience breakthroughs in life, and have a special focus to help….
He runs a training and coaching initiative called ‘Tekton’ through which he provides tools and support to individuals who are stuck somewhere on the path of success and want to experience a breakthrough.
He brings with him a rich experience of more than 2 decades of working with people and a varied set of qualifications which include a dual MBA in Human Resources and International Business Management, various certificates in Entrepreneurship, NLP, Neuro-Semantics and Six Sigma. He also is a technical savvy with specialized skills in Website Development and e-Marketing.
He specialized focus is to help Entrepreneurs and those who want to become financially independent reach their goals
She has a strong desire to contribute to a good world by interaction, acceptance and joy.
My vision is bringing people together in work and play, and my passion is contributing through my strenghts of connectedness, positivity and a highly inspired learner profile. I spend more than 1500 hours a year working in rehabilitation and support of leaders and managers who experience burn-out-syndrome, through 1:1 coaching, workshops and public speaks.
My company Zestzone is based in Oslo, Norway, and the main business of Zestzone is to create a lively and enthusiastic approach to leadership and life. In general a more congruent and strong leadership all over the world, and spesifically to supporting and empowering leaders right where they are.
I believe in authentic and genuin leadership for the future.

-Lead trainer and Coach at Zestzone
-Neuro Synergy & NLP Trainer
-Neuro Synergy Coach
-NLP Master Practitioner
-Self-Actualization Diploma (Maslow)
-4MAT MTD – Master Trainer Design

LENA GRAYMaster Trainer/Coach Trainer (NZL)
I have an innate zest for life, and driven by my desire to see communities flourish.
To actualise my vision, I design and provide high quality leadership training programs, and executive excellence coaching to leaders in multiple organisations around globe.

– Master Trainer Applied Neuro Synergy
– Licenced Coach Trainer (ANSPC)
– Neuro Leadership – The Neuro Science of Leadership
– Diploma Psychology
– Master Trainer Neuro-Semantics
– Coach Trainer Neuro-Semantics
-Licenced International Instructor Krav, Close Quarter Combat

-Developer of the T.A.P Leadership Training and Coaching Program
-Developer of the Quality Performance Metrix tool for Coaches – QPM
-Lead Trainer and Coach at
-Creative Director of Mindsuite Training and Coaching
-Executive Coach
-Leadership Trainer and Coach
-Corporate Consultant

Affiliate Member of the Institute of Neuro-Leadership Int.

Being true to myself gives me great insight and purpose to keep growing and help others develop themselves
I wake up every morning grateful to be able to experience a purposeful happy fulfilled life by challenging myself to explore and experience new frontiers and play to connect with my curious inner child.
Being true to myself gives me great insight and purpose to keep growing and help others develop themselves personally and professionally to reach their highest potential.
I do this by coaching, training and speaking internationally to make a difference to people personally and professionally so they can lead better, more fulfilling, purposeful lives that speak by the way they live their life and inspire others too!
-Biomedical Science Degree
-Professional Accounting qualification
-Toastmasters Public Speaking & Leadership Coach & Trainer
-Professional Career Coach & Resume Writer
-Meditation and Awareness facilitator
-Professional Copy-editor
-Professional Career Coach
-Certified and Licensed Meta Coach
-Auditor (Deloitte & Touche)
-Toastmasters International, Public Speaking
-Professioanl Speakers Association of Southern Africa, Representative
-Chairperson for Chartered certified accounting, Kenya
-Platinum Speakers Bureau, Founder member
-Qi Group International, Sales & Marketing, Trainer & Member
-Director of Sonali & Associates, Professional Training & Coaching programs
-Creator/owner of Sonali Speaking programs
I work primarily with athletes and sports teams, coaching and supporting them to become the best version of themselves so that they can unlock their best performances
Proud husband and father.

Good People . Better Preparation . Best Performance

I work primarily with athletes and sports teams, coaching and supporting them to become the best version of themselves so that they can unlock their best performances.

I love creating environments of excellence.

• Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC)
• Cricket South Africa Level 3 Coach
• Diploma in Sports Management

I coach both individuals and teams to be more and to achieve more.  I believe that performance is not just a matter of skill execution, but rather that skill is textured by the qualities of who we are.   The better we become as people the better we can perform.

• High Performance Coach at
• Performance Coach at Gauteng Strikers
• Owner & Coach at
• Coach Educator at Gauteng Cricket Board
• Numerous individual clients from Beginner to International Cricketers

For more than 25 years, Reden has been passionate and curious about unlocking the human potential of young students..
through classroom education and student formation. Eventually, he felt the calling on how to take this passion outside the walls of the academe.

Taking the leap of faith, Reden ventured to the world of corporate training by partnering with training and coaching organizations as a facilitator and coach. To beef up his tools, he enrolled in a coaching boot camp designed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Then he leveled up his skills with a certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Asia-Pacific Council of NLP (APC-NLP), and Neuro-Semantics under the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS). In the succeeding years, Reden have coached teachers, business owners, executives, doctors, sales people, priests, to name a few. He also trained some government and private institutions.

Reden’s mission includes training teachers how to be coaches, and bringing Neuro-Synergy training to community developers in the Philippines. This is one of the reasons why he joined Global Association of Applied Neuro-Synergy (GAANS). He feels that the greatest fulfillment in coaching and training is that when he brings out the best in others, the others bring out the best in himself.


• Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology (on-going)
• Masters in Values Education
• Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Letters

• Neuro-Semantics Trainor’s Training (ISNS)
• Meta-Coaching Certification (ISNS)
• Team Coaching Certification (ISNS)
• Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (APC-NLP)
• Coaching Change in Organizations (ISNS)


• For 22 years of his professional life, Reden has been a professor in a number of colleges and universities. He has taught Philosophy, Values Education,
• He became a freelance trainer and coach in the past 10 years giving training on customer service, self-leadership, conflict management, basic strategic planning, and coach training.
• Currently developing leadership training programs for community developers and school administrators as an Applied Neuro-Synergy Coach/Trainer under the Global Association of Applied Synergy.

Having completed his Bachelors degree in Physics in 1992, Dr Syed Yusainee Yahya started his career as a scientist…
.. and quality engineer. He pursued his journey further as an academician in 1994 and completed PhD in Physics in 2005.
Dr Syed Yusainee Yahya has credential as Certified Meta-Coach, Certified NLP Coach (NFNLP, USA), Certified NLP Trainer (NFNLP, USA) and a Certified Trainer by Malaysian Human Resources Development Council (HRDC/HRDF).
With more than 23 years of experience in higher learning environment Dr Syed is very passionate and accelerates learning especially in science. Strongly convinced that people have unlimited capabilities and always able to take life’s journey to higher levels, he is dedicated his heart to unleashing the highest potential in his students.
Looking at him means looking into a person with both capabilities of hard and soft sciences. Dr Syed also believes that the word ‘miracle’ is a catalyst that pushes human potential to achieve everything that seems impossible at the beginning.
In 2015 he completed his second Masters in Counselling and become Registered and Licenced Counsellor with Board of Counsellors Malaysia. As a Certified Coach he is very keen in developing people to reach their highest potential in life. As a Family Counsellor and Relationship Coach he believes that a good deed that benefit others will continue to grant reward in the after world. He has already written four books and is currently writing a weekly column on the beauty of healthy relationship in one of the top Women’s Magazine in Malaysia.
My highest intent is to help as many people as possible and therefore I have chosen to coach managers and leaders in the first place
Former engineer who changed after nearly 20 years in the technology industry.
Started the company Friskbolaget in 2007 after a long rehabilitation due to a depression caused by stress.
During my trip back, I came into contact with NLP and later Neuro-Synergy, which are both great tools to reach full potential whilst being healthy and feeling great.
My highest intent is to help as many people as possible and therefore I have chosen to coach managers and leaders in the first place.
Has the manager access to all their resources it benefit the entire organization …. including profitability.
I’m focused, compassionate and I never give up.
My market is managers and leaders who want to reach their full potential but anyone who want to practice self leadership are more than welcome!

* Chemical Engineer
* Founder and owner at Friskbolaget
* Neuro Synergy Coach
* Neuro Synergy and NLP Trainer
* NLP Business Master Practitioner
* LAB Profile Practitioner”

Helps modern busy people experience wellness in the real world
Dr. Matthew Blaylock helps people move out of their comfort zone towards wellness so that they can live life fully. With a Ph.D. in Nutrition Sciences as well as a certification as an NLP trainer and an Associate Certified Meta-Coach, he is unique qualified to help people achieve their goals and transform their life. He has been working with clients for over 10 years.
His work focuses on helping people explore wellness in all the various aspects of their life – physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Through a holistic approach of facilitating clients to develop their level of awareness and find the appropriate information for their unique situation, his clients are able to enjoy more balance and vitality in their life.
He lives in Indonesia where he teaches nutrition at a local university as well as working with elite level Indonesian athletes. His hobbies include weightlifting, martial arts, and reading.
Andrew Parkinson is the Coach, Trainer, Counsellor, Therapist, and Wellbeing Team leader for two organisations in Hong Kong.
For over 20 years, Andrew Parkinson has pursued his passion for assisting people to develop themselves, and their lives in directions that are personally meaningful and rewarding.

In order to better serve and support people in their self-directed transformations, Andrew has studied psychology, counselling, coaching and various approaches to therapy.

Andrew Parkinson works with a diverse range of people in pursuit of greater wellbeing.

Andrew Parkinson
Counselling & Coaching l NLP Training l
Meeting & Workshop Venue

William is passionate in empowering and developing people to their highest potential and has committed his life to make the world a better place.
He started his training and mentoring business in 2003 that later transformed into a human resources consultancy business focussed on leadership development through executive coaching and training.

Previously a lecturer at the Sydney University in Australia but William also has over 17 years experience in the corporate consulting, training, coaching and mentoring arena as a Leadership specialist, and has consulted for the local and federal Government and multiple international corporations worldwide. He is a registered psychotherapist practising in both Australia and Hong Kong and currently Managing Director for Inspired Concepts Pty Ltd.

GAANS utilises the very best models and concepts available, to facilitate change and activate human potential


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