GAANS provides resources for trainers and coaches to achieve business success.
We provide an international membership for trainers and coaches where an
emphasis is placed on the sharing of ideas, models and strategies they have found
to be successful. As a collective, GAANS is able to facilitate the exchange between
it’s members to support the success of its membership.

The most common complaint trainers have is they lack professional looking manuals
or they need the ability to find the resources they need, to put together a training for
a client. GAANS has solved this problem by encouraging an exchange of ideas
between all of it’s members.

Coaches can find themselves stuck with a client. Where the coach has temporarily
run out of options, questions, models to assist their client moving forward. Rather
than feeling alone or inadequate they need to be able to ask for ideas and seek
support from they peers in finding a way forward for their client. This is totally
possible within GAANS.

GAANS truly promotes the idea, and has it as a high value criteria, that we can
achieve more together, than anyone of us could do as an individual.