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ANS Master Trainer Training 206 - Applied Neuro Synergy Master Trainer Licence (ANSMT)


This 6 Day Professional Master Trainer Training specific emphasis is in the elevation of your skills from trainers training to Master Trainer level. This training will include the refinement of your knowledge of the GAANS models and frameworks and the achievement of attaining the level of Master Trainer in your presentations. At the conclusion of this certification yo will enter the highest level of skill and competence recognised within GAAANS and have the option to become a Trainer of Trainers


• Master Trainer Skill Development

• Attitude of GAANS Master Trainers

• Master Trainer Drills Development

• Collaboration Through Building a Community

• Leadership Skills

• Writing Mastery for Social Media

• 3 International Presenters

• Training design with Powerpoint and Keynote

• Advanced Communication Skills

• Hosting Trainers training as a Master Trainer

Qualification Framework:
The Global Association of Neuro Synergy (GAANS) which is overseen by our 3 Members of GAANS Academic Advisory Board


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